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Motorcycle Theory Test
Personal Tuition
Back to Biking
CBT - Experienced
CBT - Gift Voucher
Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS)
Deposit for a Full Licence Course
Upgrade Course (DAS) - Gift Voucher
RIDING A 250cc+ BIKE EVERYDAY (UPGRADE): someone upgrading from a Restricted A2 licence to a Full Licence (DAS), and has done both Module 1 & 2 previously.
Expert Course (A2 or DAS) - Gift Voucher
LOTS OF EXPERIENCE (EXPERT): someone who has ridden larger (above 125cc) motorcycles for example track days, moto-x or on a foreign licence. You must be able to ride a large (500 - 600cc) motorcycle confidently and safely. You must have a current CBT and Theory Test certificate.
Experienced Course (A2 or DAS) - Gift Voucher
SOME EXPERIENCE (EXPERIENCED): someone who needs to renew their CBT and has been riding every day for 6 months on a geared motorcycle or done a lot of moto-x. We would expect you to be able to ride on the road to a safe standard on a 125cc with no control issues, so ready to move up to a bigger motorcycle.
Intermediate Course (A2 or DAS) - Gift Voucher
MINIMAL EXPERIENCE (INTERMEDIATE): someone who has ridden on holiday, or a long time ago on a geared motorcycle, or a lot of experience on automatics, or rode geared motorcycles a long time ago. We expect this person to be able to pull away, stop, start and change gear as a minimum.
Novice Course (A2 or DAS) - Gift Voucher
NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE (NOVICE): a total novice who has never ridden a geared motorcycle, or only for a few minutes or just a Free Introductory Lesson. We do expect you to be able to ride a bicycle.
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