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Welcome to Passmasters online booking system you can book and make a payment and will automatically receive a email confirmation. CALL US IF YOUR UNDER 18 YEARS 

Coronavirus Covid 19 CBT rider Booking


For your safety during the COVID - 19 outbreak we have reduced our class sizes to 2 students to 1 Instructor basis if you wish to do a 1:1 CBT this may be possible for an additional charge please call our office.

We offer 2 types of CBT during COVID-19

RENEWALS EXPERIANCED RIDER  this course is designed to be completed in about 4 hours, it is is only suitable if you are renewing your CBT, if its about to expire or has expired within the last 3 years.

Under no circumstances would this experienced course suit persons that have not taken CBT before or beginner,  persons of limited ability or have never ridden on U.K roads before, or your experience is on autos and you book a manual 

BEGINNER AND RUSTY RIDER, 1ST TIME  CBT   this course is for a person that has not taken CBT before perhaps a beginner or persons that have not ridden for a long time or perhaps have not ridden on U.K roads before, or if you want to use a manual but only driven auto before. 

 PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE BOOKED THE CORRECT TYPE OF  CBT FOR YOUR ABILITY  if your not sure do not use online booking call us instead on 0208 841 5506

Before you go ahead please see the following


1/ If you are under 18 years  do not book online call us to make booking as we will need parent or guardian consent

2/ You will need to bring your UK or Euro (with 91 confirmation) Licence with you

3/ You can read a car number plate from 20mtrs with glasses if needed on the day.

4/ You have booked the correct type of CBT ie. "RENEWALS" or "BEGINNERS 1st TIME "

5/ If its discovered you should have been on a beginners course a rebooking fee of £90 will apply

6/ You have a good command of the English language and have good Highway Code Knowledge

7/That you have read the terms and conditions and you will email back your agreement.



 We can NOT provide Jacket or Gloves during this outbreak you must bring your own..

Bring your own helmet or If you are using ours please bring some antibacterial wipes to clean chin guard to minimise risks.

Bring in a pair of surgical gloves and antibacterial hand wash you may need  to protect yourself. 

Training will take place outdoors, keep your 2 metres distance from your Instructor.

We feel the above steps will help mitigate against the likelihood of contracting Coronavirus on a training course.

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Step 4 Prerequisites

You are 18 years or over otherwise you will need to make a telephone booking. 

You can present on the day of your course

1/ A valid Full UK car licence
2/ A valid UK provisional licence
3/ A Full EU/EEA licence together with a DVLA " D91 confirmation of registration"   with provisional "A" motorcycle entitlement

Note no other licence issues, types, documents, scans or photocopies are  permitted by regulation.

If your under 18 years a parent or guardian you will  need a parent or guardian to attend the start of the course (9am) to countersign documents.. 

Using your own bike/scooter?  You will need to provide confirmation of  insurance cover & MOT (if reqd.)
You will ensure your machine is legal and fitted with front & rear L-Plates.
You are aware that it would be illegal to ride on public roads to our centre if you do not have a valid CBT certificate.

You can read  a car registration plate from 20.5 metres with or without glasses

You  have a good knowledge of the Highway Code

You have the coordination and  balance to ride a pedal cycle

You are at least 5'1" for our scooters and 5'3" for motorcycles

You have a good level of spoken English, or you will bring an interpreter with you

You have considered a free taster lesson first if your a novice 

You are physically and mentally able to participate

You will need to provide and wear tough type clothing at least:- Jeans & Jacket, sturdy footwear covering the ankles &  gloves

If necessary we can provide shower proof over trousers and a helmet from xs-xxl (or bring your own legal item) 

You have read our terms and conditions and cancellation and amendment policies

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Once you are happy with everything above please click on the 'make booking' button below. After your booking is complete you will be sent a confirmation email to the email address you have given. In the unlikely event you do not receive a confirmation email then please contact us as it is possible your booking has not been completed.
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