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Alpha Motorcycle Training
Tel: 0203 544 4433


Please do not book for a friend / relative who does not have reasonable English. If they cannot fill out this form themselves then their English is not good enough.
It is also a requirement that you have read the Highway Code. We cannot teach this on the day.

As part of our Covid 19 Precautions you MUST provide a face mask

If in doubt call us on 0203 544 4403

Before booking your
course you must:

  • Be able to present to your instructor either:
    1. A Full UK Drivers licence ( The Plastic card with your Picture - Pink)
    2. A Provisional UK Drivers Licence ( The plastic card with your picture - Green)
    3. A full EU licence accompanied by a UK counterpart licence (D91) showing provisional motorcycle entitlement (Category A)

          And either your NI number or an access code from the DVLA web site.No other documents, photocopies or evidence of entitlement can be accepted

  • be able to read a registration plate with or without contact lenses or glasses at a distance of 66 feet (20 metres)
  • be able to speak and understand English, or by arrangement only, Spanish or, Bulgarian.
  • We do supply Hi-Visibility and Protective Clothing as part of the course if needed. However a sturdy pair of shoes / High topped Trainers or boots are required and a minimum of unstressed  jeans.
  • Track suit or leggings / Shorts are not acceptable. Soft shoes, sandals / Flip flops are also not acceptable.

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