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With Phoenix Trails and Trailworld.co.uk

For 3 (or more) days guided tours, our trail riding days follow the same format, but over different trails, tracks and terrain. Theres no danger of getting bored, as we introduce you to different challenges as your talents and experience progress.

We will be setting off from Gatwick Airport on the 20th October on Easyjet flight to Malaga at 12:15 arriving at 16:10.  We will then pick up a hire car, (5 sharing) for the short trip to the base.

Day 1 Meet, Greet and find your feet

Once you arrive at our bike base and beautiful accommodation, well hand you a nice cold beer (or soft drink), show you to your room and take a quick tour of your home for the next few days.

On the first evening you tootle off into the local village to for a great meal and a few beers, then its back to HQ for a good sleep before the fun starts in earnest the following morning.

Day 2 1st day of riding

Well find our feet in the morning, easing you into riding the endless trails including wet and dry river beds, mountain passes and woodland tracks with a little tuition, tips and advice thrown in whenever necessary.

We break for Lunch, usually a very pleasant hour spent munching Tapas in a typical Spanish restaurant and then its off to play on the trails again for the rest of the afternoon.

Arriving back at base at approx 17.30pm, its time to relax, down a well earned cold beer, jump in the pool and swap tall tails of heroism on the trail. Something we inevitably continue over dinner in the village this evening.

Day 3 2nd day of riding

Pretty much a case of same again please, but of course well take in new trails. Brekky at 8.30 for a 9.30 kick off, busting some dust with a mid day munch, then back on the trails till its time for a beer and a dip once more. Well round off again in the village with more tall tales of the trail

Day 4 3rd day of riding

If you enjoyed the previous days, guess what? Youre bound to have heaps more fun as we seek out even more trails and terrain to entertain, amaze and perhaps test your ever improving riding skills a little. As a bonus, on the final evening you can afford an extra beer or three, as you can sleep it off a little on your last day!

Day 5 Departure day

Chill out! If you (sensibly) booked your flight home for later in the day, enjoying the Spanish countryside. Have a dip in the pool, go for a long relaxing walk, grab some lunch in the village, whatever takes your fancy.

When youre good and ready, you can head back to Malaga airport to catch your flight back at 14:45 to reality, at least until your next visit.

The cost of £995 includes trail riding, bikes, safety gear, accomadation, flights, hire car but exclude food and beer. The flights allow for only hand luggage.

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