Step 1 Welcome
Please read the following information thoroughly before making your booking. 
In order to take part in a CBT course at Eastside Riders you must ...
Be 16 or over. 
Be able to present to your course instructor at the start of the course either of the following licence types
1.  A Full U.K. Car Licence

2.  A Provisional U.K. Licence with valid Category A (provisional motorcycle entitlement) if you intend to ride over a 50 cc moped

3.  A Full E.U. Licence accompanied by a U.K. Counterpart Licence (D58/2) showing provisional entitlement for Category A.  In this case a valid passport displaying your photograph must also be presented. 

If you have a U.K. Photo Card style Licence you must be able to present the
 Photo I.D. to your instructor when you attend the course.  No other documents, photocopies or proof of entitlement are accepted.
The photograph and all entitlements must be in date.
You must be the registered debit/credit card holder or have permission from the card holder to make this booking.
When you make your booking online the payment card is NOT required on the training day.      

You must be able to read a normal sized number plate over a distance of 20.5 meters, if you require spectacles or contact lenses
to do this you must then wear them throughout your training course.   Your eyesight will be tested at the start of the course.
 You must be able to speak and understand fluent English to a good conversational level.  
 You must have read and understood the Highway Code.  
 Balance is a personal issue and cannot be taught during the CBT,
 recent push/pedal bike experience is required before taking part in the course
 You must wear suitable clothing ie. jeans, sturdy footwear and a strong jacket.
 You must be aware that we do not supply waterproof trousers. 
 You must have read, understood and agreed to our Terms & Conditions.  
 These will be made available to you on the disclaimer page of this booking process. 

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Step 6 Confirm details and make booking
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Once you are happy with everything above please click on the 'make booking' button below. After your booking is complete you will be sent a confirmation email to the email address you have given. In the unlikely event you do not receive a confirmation email then please contact us as it is possible your booking has not been completed.
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