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This co
urse is required by all riders aged 16 and over.
Successful completion entitles you to ride up to 50cc, if aged 16, or up to 125cc if 17 and over with L plates displayed.

It is a legal requirement to gain a CBT certificate to ride any motorcycle or scooter on the road.
(This is required regardless of what other licence you hold. The exception being for riding a moped if you obtained your full car licence before Feb 2001)

You do not need to have passed your theory test prior to taking your CBT however good knowledge of the Highway Code is required.

The CBT certificate lasts for 2 years.  If you have not taken and passed your test by this time, then you will need to retake your CBT.


The training day is split into 5 elements.

Element A - Introduction to CBT and why it is required.

Element B
- Practical on site training, introduction to the motorcycle, basic machine checks, basic maintenance checks.

Element C
- Practical on site training, the ability to demonstrate clutch control, balance and slow speed  manoeuvrability.

Element D
- Practical on road training, road layouts, hazard perception, vulnerability, and visibility.

Element E
- Practical on road riding, minimum of two hours covering all road scenarios,
e.g. Roundabouts, Junctions, One-way systems etc, to include U turn and emergency stop.
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