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  • Fareham (Hants)

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To Contact us click here for Full licence training, Back to Biking or any other motorcycle courses. We will respond to your enquiry as soon as we can.

Due to unprecedented demand for CBT courses caused by lockdown and the pandemic, the only courses that have spaces are shown in green.  This is the same information available to our call centre. If you want a course earlier than the one you are able to book, please add a note to that effect when booking the space and if we have spaces sooner due to cancellations, we will bring your course forward.


Book your CBT NOW ----- There are only a few things you need to worry about to book your CBT
1/. To take a CBT training course you must be at least 16 and have either a provisional UK or Northern Ireland driving licence or a full UK or Northern Ireland driving licence. 
2/. You must be able to see a number plate over 20.5 metres (you can wear glasses or contact lenses to do this).
3/. The training takes a whole day.
4/. When you have booked please read the appointment email very carefully as it tells you where to go and what to bring. If you do not receive this email please call us on 0330 2234000.

You also

  • Need to confirm that you dont have any symptoms of coronavirus such as a cough or a high temperature find out more here www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/symptoms-and-what-to-do
  • You have not been in contact with, anyone that is showing symptoms 
  • You have not or anyone you have been in contact with, travelled from a high risk region 
  • Bring a face cover to cover the mouth and nose (such as a neck tube or thin scarf for example). This can be worn under the helmet when riding, and in theory-based training sessions to offer additional protection.
  • Observe social distancing of 2m.
  • You must bring your own set of 3.5mm jack plug ear phones with you for the road ride element of the training. 

This is a Covid 19 secure measure to assist in preventing the spread of the virus. Your training may not take place if you dont bring them with you.  

Due to the current Covid situation you will need to you provide your own safety helmet, motorcycle jacket, gloves and waterproof over suit if rain is forecast on the day of your training. You MUST wear jeans as a minimum. Footwear should offer protection, so boots rather than shoes are recommended. Trainers or soft shoes are NOT permitted for motorcycle training. If you borrow any of our equipment there will be a charge of £20 payable to allow this to be cleaned after your use.   If you have any special requirements, such as and not limited to, height, weight or size then please call us on the number below so we can ensure the correct equipment is available. If the correct equipment is not worn then the training will not go ahead and you will lose any money paid. 

If you need us to provide clothing, then please select the Cleaning charge for Clothing during the booking process.

Please click on "Choose the Date(s)' to begin the bookings process...   To select a different month, please use the single arrow to the right to left of the month on display.  Only use the next button, once you have selected the date required. 

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