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Welcome to Sutton Motorcycle Training

CBT Renewal booking system.

Important! In order to book a CBT renewal you MUST:

1) Have completed at least one full CBT in the past 2 years.

2) Still have a valid, current CBT certificate. 

3) Have ridden regularly within the two years of receiving your CBT .

4) Be a competent rider.

IF you book and DO NOT have a valid CBT certificate you will lose your money & training...

If your CBT has expired call the office

On the next screen is a list of available coursesFrom here you can book and pay for your CBT with us.

 We offer CBT courses starting from 8:00am

Below is a list of dates courses are available, please make sure you select the correct start time for you.

Please select the course from this list
February 2024
Thu 29th08:00CBT Renewal -8am£155.00
4 spaces
March 2024
Wed 6th08:00CBT Renewal -8am£155.00
2 spaces
Thu 7th08:00CBT Renewal -8am£155.00
4 spaces
Wed 13th08:00CBT Renewal -8am£155.00
3 spaces
Tue 19th08:00CBT Renewal -8am£155.00
4 spaces
Sat 23rd08:00CBT Renewal -8am£155.00
1 space
Mon 25th08:00CBT Renewal -8am£155.00
3 spaces
Thu 28th08:00CBT Renewal -8am£155.00
4 spaces
April 2024
Wed 3rd08:00CBT Renewal -8am£155.00
4 spaces
Wed 10th08:00CBT Renewal -8am£155.00
4 spaces
Tue 16th08:00CBT Renewal -8am£155.00
4 spaces
Wed 24th08:00CBT Renewal -8am£155.00
4 spaces
Fri 26th08:00CBT Renewal -8am£155.00
4 spaces

Almost there...

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